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Our Teaching Team


Mme Sophie

Our teacher, Sophie, was born and raised in Québec before moving out west 15 years ago. She currently holds a Child Development Worker (CDW) certificate and is working hard towards a Child Development Supervisor (CDS).


Sophie has been with her husband for 16 yrs and they have 3 wonderful kids together: William, Skylie, and Vicky, who were all once students in Les Bouts d’Choux. She has been a part of our preschool for 5 years and loves being around kids. Her favourite thing about teaching is watching kids' reactions when they learn something new.


Sophie's motto is: learn true play in a safe environment. We are thrilled to have her as our teacher!

Our Philosophy

Both parents and children are encouraged and expected to take part in the activities of the preschool. By working together we can look forward to a successful and rewarding year.

Our History

Les Bouts d'Choux started in 1982, and is a French Immersion Program for 3, 4, and 5 year old children with an emphasis on learning through play.

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