Annual Tuition and Fees


$50.00 Registration Fee

$75.00 Refundable Cleaning Deposit

$400.00 Fundraising Deposit


Tuition Option 1: Monthly Post-Dated Cheques (last month's tuition is 50%)
$120 per month for the 3 year old  and 3/4 year old program
$150 per month for the 4 year old program


Tuition Option 2: Lump Sum Payments
$600 term 1 and $540.00 term 2 for the
3 year old  and 3/4 year old program
$750 term 1 and $675.00 term 2 for the 4 year old program

Tuition Option 3: Full Year Tuition Payments

$1140 full year for the 3 year old and 3/4 year old program

$1425 full year for the 4 year old program


We offer parents the option of paying a surcharge in lieu of attending duty days. The surcharge for duty day opt out is 400$ a year, or 200$ a term. Parents are still able and encouraged to attend field trips and to come to class on their child's birthday, but this attendance is not mandatory.



Casino and Other Fundraising
2020/2021 School Year is a Non-Casino Year!


Parents or their representatives must participate in a mandatory fundraiser, to be decided by the Bouts d'Choux executive board. 


Les Bouts d'Choux's gifts-in-kind program was created to respond to calls from individuals and corporations wishing to donate surplus goods. In-kind giving is a donation of any non-cash product or good. In-kind donations are used in the classroom to supplement and enrich the early education of our children.  Should you have any questions regarding in-kind donations please call the school at 780-975-7188 or inquire by email at


Les Bouts d'Choux currently accepts payment by cheque, e-transfer, cash and credit card. Payment made by credit card is accepted via our online tuition payment system found here.


Please contact our treasurer before making online payments or to inquire about our different forms of payment.


Fundraising and Casino




Mailing address:

PO Box 32167 RPO Millwoods

Edmonton AB T6K 3T5