Annual Tuition and Fees


$50.00 Registration Fee

$75.00 Refundable Cleaning Deposit

$400.00 Fundraising Deposit


Tuition Option 1: Monthly Post-Dated Cheques (last month's tuition is 50%)
$120 per month for the 3 year old  and 3/4 year old program
$150 per month for the 4 year old program


Tuition Option 2: Lump Sum Payments
$600 term 1 and $540.00 term 2 for the
3 year old  and 3/4 year old program
$750 term 1 and $675.00 term 2 for the 4 year old program

Tuition Option 3: Full Year Tuition Payments

$1140 full year for the 3 year old and 3/4 year old program

$1425 full year for the 4 year old program


We offer parents the option of paying a surcharge in lieu of attending duty days. The surcharge for duty day opt out is 400$ a year, or 200$ a term. Parents are still able and encouraged to attend field trips and to come to class on their child's birthday, but this attendance is not mandatory.



Casino and Other Fundraising
2019/2020 School Year is a Casino Year!


Parents or their representatives must participate in the casino fundraiser by working one shift must be worked, per child enrolled in the program.


Les Bouts d'Choux's gifts-in-kind program was created to respond to calls from individuals and corporations wishing to donate surplus goods. In-kind giving is a donation of any non-cash product or good. In-kind donations are used in the classroom to supplement and enrich the early education of our children.  Should you have any questions regarding in-kind donations please call the school at 780-975-7188 or inquire by email at


Fundraising and Casino




PO Box 32167 RPO Millwoods

Edmonton AB T6K 3T5