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Our program strives to include activities inside and outside the classroom in a safe, educational, and exciting way! Changes in programming may come without warning as Alberta Health Guidelines may be amended. Parents will be contacted of these changes should they arise.

Field trips and special events include:

  • Ortona Gymnastics

  • Yoga classes taught by a certified yoga instructor

  • SportBall

  • Field trip to WEM Marine Life

  • Visit from Zoo2U


Please note that this is not an exhaustive list and that the executive board plans activities based on our student's interests and our curriculum. 


The special events coordinator also tries to seek out opportunities to teach our students to care about people and the world around them. One such way we were able to give back to the community this school year during the holiday season we adopted a less than fortunate class of students in need. Our students were very proud to put together care packages with donated and gifted items that we delivered to their class.

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